CONTEST: Win Iced Earth’s “Dystopia” Tour Edition, Signed Poster

The last time we featured American heavy metal phenoms Iced Earth on the Deciblog, WordPress wasn’t even cool yet. In fact, evidence of said coverage is lost in some Access database that’s sitting in some office on a tape back-up. So, yeah, we’ve been delinquent in our patriotic (hey, July 4th is two days away) heavy metal duties when and where it concerns Iced Earth. So, instead of a long interview—which you prefer, we think—we have a no-brainer contest.
WIN: 1) 1 (one) signed poster, plus 1 (one) copy of the tour edition of Dystopia, which includes covers of Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” and Black Sabbath’s “Mob Rules,” as well as a 2011 re-recording of the classic 17-minute Iced Earth track “Dante’s Inferno”, plus other bonus material.

What do you have to do? Just email us. You can tell us how many rad fireworks you’ve obtained—legally or illegally, state depending—for Independence Day, or why you think we should do a heavy metal special edition issue, replete with a Blind Guardian Hall of Fame, or you can just email us. Your choice.

Email us HERE: [email protected]

Iced Earth are currently on tour with Hellyeah and Volbeat. If you want to go, the dates are HERE.

** Iced Earth’s Dystopia is out now on Century Media Records. It’s available HERE in a variety of formats, geared towards nerdy collectors and possessive must-haves. Remember to whistle “Yankee Doodle” during checkout.