For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

Howdy folks… Waldo here, bringing you all the stuff that’s good to hate.
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Ladies and “djentlemen,” we’re going to tear this one apart. PERIPHERY release the very hateable Periphery II, as if one of these wasn’t bad enough. Apparently this is some form of music called “djent,” whatever that means, and boy howdy does it suck. This is your typical Hot Topic fare, some ambient keyboards, some wanky guitar parts, some singing (a la Mike Patton) and some mosh riffs. There are at least some time signature changes–it really seems like these kids listened to a steady diet of Dillinger Escape Plan and Tool, picked the worst parts, got some Pro Tools and went to town. It’s on Sumerian, so if you know what that type of sound is, this is pretty similar. I really can’t explain how much I hate this; the production is pretty dry and this record doesn’t breathe at all. I dunno, if you want to punish yourself, pick this crap up. Soon to be featured on Gossip Girl or something like that. Total useless pap. Go to the mall and punch someone wearing a Periphery shirt in the face. (do not actually do this–ed.) 1 FUCKING PECK

Retro thrash bashers BONDED BY BLOOD are back at it with The Aftermath. I really want to like this, but it’s kind of hard to. Retro thrash riffs that could’ve fit with an Exodus record, like Force of Habit, with some late ’80s thrash vocals thrown in. This takes all of the stalest elements of late thrash and brings them to the forefront. I’m sure they’re a much better live band. The Aftermath doesn’t suck, but it doesn’t rule either. There are actually some pretty crucial riffs on this record, but it kinda misses the mark as a whole. Just like a later-era thrash record, this will be one of those releases that you want to like, but just can’t fully commit to. It’s not bad, but not great. Maybe a more “live” production would help this out. 5 FUCKING PECKS.

The oft-discussed DEATHSPELL OMEGA release the brutal Drought. Black metal isn’t really my thing, but thing pecking rocks; it moves, the production is raw, this has life. Not being too familiar with this style of black metal, I gotta say I really like this. Brutal, brutal, brutal. Discordant riffage, extreme vocals, intense drumming. What more could a bird want? Not too familiar with their old stuff, but believe I’ll squawking look into it now. Pick this up. 8 FUCKING PECKS

ZOMBIEFICATION release the Consecration EP on Chaos. Wow, this is some no-frills old-school death rock. In the vein of Coffins and the like, you can hear the Venom and Sodom through and through on this. No surprises here, but that’s what makes this work. Heavy, nasty and mean. Look for these “brown metallers” to make a splash in the throwback old-school genre because they do it right. Get pecking Zombiefied. 7 FUCKING PECKS

No Old School Peck this week, but you know what? Screw it, if there’s some old-school bird droppings that you think I should feature, put it on some newspaper and send it to me to line the bottom of my cage and I’ll give it a shout. Waldo, out.