Our Bro-mance with A389 Continues On…

We’re all about A389 Recordings ’round these parts. If it’s not the consistently awesome cover draping each and every release and their annual birthday bash show/extravaganza every January, it’s that they’re fellow proponents of the flexi-disc and that alongside every world-hatin’, religion-baitin’, humanity-despisin’ slice of holy terror hardcore they release, they go ahead and show their (drunken) human side by putting out the Thor’s Teeth live album which had Pulling Teeth playing as backing band to Canadian hard rock legend – choose your own definition of “legend” – Thor.
Another reason to love A389 is that they give the world free stuff. Like the stuff mentioned below. Which is free.

Official press release:
Baltimore’s A389 Recordings have just posted their 2012 label sampler online via a streaming/downloadable digital mixtape. Clocking in at 52 tracks well over two hours of music) the digital mixtape showcases a plethora of new and unreleased music from A389’s impressive and eclectic upcoming release schedule (as well as some classics from the label’s current/back catalog).

Featured artists include: Seven Sisters Of Sleep, Countdown To Oblivion, Ilsa, Ringworm, Homewrecker, Like Rats, Children Of God, The Guilt Of…, Anne, Pulling Teeth, Young And In The Way, Junior Bruce, God’s America, Hatewaves, The Love Below, Empire Of Rats, Shin To Shin, Sick Fix, Kill Life, Enforcers, Pleasant Living, Gravehill, Cynarae, Triac, Thee High Priestess, Nothing, Rot In Hell, Unholy Majesty, Integrity, Gehenna, Low Places, Pharaoh (NJ), Full Of Hell, Vilipend, Ancient Shores, Pale Creation, Chapelle Des Morts, Virgin Witch, Pick Your Side, Eddie Brock, Penetration Panthers, Day Of Mourning, Withdrawal, Trapped Under Ice, In Cold Blood, Mindsnare, Astronomer, Masakari, Wisdom In Chains, Mighty Sphincter, Earthride and Vermapyre.

To stream or download the A389 MMXII Digital Mixtape/Sampler visit:


And after you download it, you can do this:
Anyone who submits a link to a track-by-track review of the A389 MMXII DIGITAL MIXTAPE/SAMPLER will receive 25% of their webstore order (before shipping) refunded back to their paypal!!!

1. Offer is valid from THURSDAY MAY 17th, 2012 – MONDAY MAY 21, 2012

2. Make the effort to type something for EACH band. Tell us why or how much each song rules or sucks. If you just turn in a no-effort list with one word answers, we will give you a no-effort one digit discount: 0%

Here is a great example of a review posted by Liam at TotalTotality:

3. To qualify for the 25% refund you must post a link to the review in the comments section of your order. The actual review must be posted on a message board…blog…your facebook….whatever. Anywhere people can see it and check out the sampler. Please include a link to the A389 MMXII DIGITAL MIXTAPE/SAMPLER in your review so others can listen to it as well:

4. PLEASE NOTE: The 25% refund is not instant, but will be credited back to your paypal account the next time I am sitting at a computer. Be patient with me this weekend as I will be at the A389/Scion AV showcase in California. I’ll be back in office Monday. Oh yeah speaking of which…the A389/Scion AV showcase is this weekend! You going? RSVP here for free tickets: http://www.scionav.com/metalshow

5. Every order will get a FREE copy of A389′s MIDNIGHT MASS Magazine (while supplies last)

6. We now have A389 Patches in the webstore. Machine woven and diecut with iron-on backing.
Order yours here:

Here’s what’s going on in California this weekend:

And here’s Thor’s classic hit, “Keep the Dogs Away”: