STREAMING: Six Feet Under “Undead”

“We want to get out there and pretty much destroy,” says Six Feet Under vocalist Chris Barnes in a Metal Blade press release. “We want to play to as many people as possible, and show all of the fans out there the new songs, and leave nothing but a trail of blood in our wake. We’re hoping that whoever makes body bags are upping their output, because after this record comes out there’ll be a lot of decomposing bodies out there!”
While we’re not sure if Barnes is equating the release of Undead to the unexpected decomposition of humanity or if he’s just stating the obvious (around 154,889 people die every day according to the CIA Factbook), we have to cross our Sanrio-fabricated hearts that the future ills facing his fellow man won’t befall the members of Six Feet Under, ’cause let’s face it drum madman Kevin Talley just joined, and, well, it’d be shame to have Talley’s quick licks appear on one Six Feet Under long-player.

Without further run-on sentences or random (but oddly relevant to Six Feet Under) factoids, here’s Undead:

** Six Feet Under’s new album, Undead, is out May 22nd on Metal Blade Records. Find your inner zombie (or zombie eradicator) and click HERE. And, trust us, it might just be the band’s best album since, uh, Haunted.