Decibrity Playlist: Shadows Fall

Former Decibel cover stars Shadows Fall just released their seventh album, Fire From The Sky, on Tuesday. As Kirk Miller pointed out in giving the record his seal of approval in our June issue, the ten tracks have a little something for everyone, leading us to wonder what tunes these Massholes were blasting throughout the writing and recording process.
So we asked each member of the quintet—vocalist Brian Fair, guitarists Matt Bachand and Jon Donais, bassist Paul Romanko and drummer Jason Bittner—to tell us about an album he was digging throughout the genesis of FFTS. The result? Two records that we’ve inducted into our Hall of Fame, two that made it on our Top 40 of 2011 and one that led to this dude rockin’ the suburbs. As usual, we’ve compiled the band’s picks (er, most of them) into a Spotify playlist for your listening enjoyment.

Quicksand—Slip (1993)
Quicksand was always able to balance huge riffs and great vocal melodies in such a unique way. A perfect combination of crushing power and raw emotion. Simple tight songs, catchy hooks and monster grooves. What more do you need? (Brian Fair)

Crowbar—Sever The Wicked Hand (2011)
Such an underrated band. People will think they write heavy riffs until they listen to Crowbar. (Jon Donais)

Mastodon—The Hunter (2011)
Once again, this band never ceases to amaze me: the riffs, the sound, the heaviness. Brann used concert toms for Christ’s sake. I love it. (Jason Bittner)

Ben Folds Five—The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner (1999)
Because he’s a goddamn genius. (Matt Bachand)

Only Living Witness—Prone Mortal Form (1993)
OLW was the most underrated band to come out of the Massachusetts hardcore/metal scene. This album came out on Century Media in 1993 or so. I think everyone in a metal band from our area has been influenced by this amazing band in one way or another. (Paul Romanko)

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**Photo: Roberto Chamorro

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