Scion A/V: Label Showcase with Origin

The ever-resourceful (not to mention corporately brave) folks at Scion A/V have targeted Los Angeles as the city where they’ll corral a label — this time Nuclear Blast Records — and ask select number of the label’s artists to perform for an audience. Of course, they’ll be performing for an audience. It’s not like Deicide’s When Satan Lives album, where the audience was culled from some other performer like Rick Springfield. Well, anyway, Scion A/V got Nuclear Blast artists Exodus, All Shall Perish, Origin, and Decrepit Birth to lay down the death metal law.
The idea here is to release live recordings. Custom, live-in-the-flesh live recordings not some canned pack of death metal sardines meant to fulfill “contract obligations”. So, we have three, I think, unreleased, from a live setting anyway, Origin tracks courtesy of Scion A/V and Nuclear Blast. “Banishing Illusion”, “Swarm” and “Evolution of Extinction” are here, with Paul Ryan’s Decibel-approved guitar mastery and John Longstreth’s otherworldly, gravity-defying drum work.

What does Scion A/V have to gain from this? Nothing but death metal.

** Visit Scion A/V’s website HERE. It’s OK. They won’t take your name, SSN, and first born. Hell, they won’t even show up at your house unannounced while you’re cuffing your carrot to Denise Austin. That credit solely belongs to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Those folk will steal your soul and mind and not think twice about it.