A Tattoo Tribute To Metallica

Here’s a band there’s got to be a million tattoos for. Unfortunately, 99% of them are those shitty little ninja stars, and the second most popular idea is to simply get the name in the classic font. Those are both boring ideas. The word is a little cool, just cause it usually comes out like shit, but that’s it. So here are some of the best Metallica tattoos out there. And of course, when I say “out there,” I mean, “on the internet.”
That first one is a classic I think we all know and love. Beat-up ass James Hetfield, Dirty Harry, Johnny Depp, and Cliff. Frankly, I’d of gone Newsted.

Another classic tat, the Metallica equivalent to the gay mermen. Marxtallica. I think it’s obvious why this rules. A fucking tiger family. That purple ink on the arms looks interesting, too.

Ugh, so many Hetfield portraits. Really? His face means that much to you? For some reason they come out awesome, though. There’re shit-tons of them.

Sucks for all those hyper-realistic portraits that they get trumped by this incredible work of art. Hetfield, during the infamous burned alive incident – with a six-fingered hand and a backwards guitar! You can’t come up with that shit.

Looks like someone got a Kirk on their pimply back and maybe tapped out before the James. Doesn’t look bad though.

I don’t understand how so many people get shitty Metallica tattoos when there is so fucking much awesome Pushead art to choose from. Look at that shit. Dude’s one of the most influential artists in metal, and he practically draws the coolest flash art on Earth! I guess people are afraid of getting sued.

Geez, and two poor dumbasses even have Lars tattoos. Or is that melt-down era Brittany Spears? I’d rather have a Jerry Sandusky tattoo. At least he’s not Danish.

And lastly, this masterwork somehow combines everything I hate and love about Metallica tattoos…and barefoot California Raisins.

There’s also an ironic, “Grill ‘Em All” tattoo out there, but it’s not that good.