TBDM Contest Winner Presents – Cerekloth

Remember our Black Dahlia Murder Contest? Yeah, us either, but that won’t stop us from announcing the winner! His name is Keifer, and that’s good enough. Winner. The contest was to find us the most disgusting, grueling, blasting death we’ve never heard of. Keifer won by bringing our attention to Cerekloth.
Here is some dirty, filthy, slow death from Denmark. Cerekloth’s new EP, Halo Of Syringes, is available streaming on the line, below, and it growls for itself.

Little may Keifer know it, but he’s accomplished something pretty incredible by finding a good band from Denmark. Nothing good has ever come from Denmark, except Kind Diamond, and he moved to Texas. Disneyland After Dark? What a joke! Danes didn’t even invent the Danish, which isn’t even that good of a pastry. Denmark is Scandinavia’s cum rag, and that’s about as vile as it gets, so we’re happy to support Cerekloth!