Mournful Congregation Set to Pillage West Coast

This is still some weeks away, but now is the time to book your flight to the west coast or Texas to see one of the premier doom bands in the world sweep across the plains and possibly rattle California into the ocean.
Australia’s Mournful Congregation is coming to America at the end of November for the very first time to support their new epic The Book of Kings and if you miss this because you live in fancy New York City or Braselton, Georgia you have no one to blame but yourself.

There are only ten dates scheduled, and we can assume each one will sound like you’re attending the funeral of the Earth itself, so if you miss this you’re going to regret it until we experience some sort of re-Pangaea and you can just walk to the outback.

Aldebaran and Anhedonist will be joining the Congregation with others dropping in throughout the tour so check here to see who else you might catch.

Also, The Book of Kings comes out on November 8th. Buy it with every fiber of your being.