Finally Here: Decibel’s Swoop Haircut Generator!

Are you oblivious to trends in fashion and style? Are you a filthy long hair who doesn’t own a single hair product, except, understandably, Head & Shoulders? Have you ever wondered what yourself or a colleague would look like with a swoop haircut? Why not, right? Or maybe you’re trying to get your band into Alternative Press, but you don’t have the look? And since you’re not a total tool, you don’t actually know anybody with a swoop haircut…so how?
Well motherfucker, the black masterminds holed away in Decibel‘s R&D department have been working on this little puppy for months: Decibel’s (diy) Swoop  Haircut Generator!

There are four styles to choose from! Who even knew there were so many swoops? There’s the Simple Swoop, the Dark Swoop, the Helmet, and the Full-on Tard! Just take these .gifs and drop them onto photos of whoever, preferably using MS Paint, and presto! Someone just got swooped!

The generator works great for old metalheads who want to spice things up!

And by no coincidence, it doesn’t work well over trve brutal locks – yet. Trust us, they’re working on it.

And look! My favorite display of the generator’s raw power: Swoop with a Swoop! This proves that it can do almost anything.

Tune in next week for Decibel‘s (diy) Trendy Neck Tattoo Generator, and our (diy) Manscara Internet Applicator! Soon to be available as Iphone Apps!