Exclusive- Century: “Oak God”

Century: “Oak God” by Decibel Magazine

If you had told me fifteen years ago I’d be in Seattle writing about a song featuring Kevin Martin from Candlebox I would’ve punched you right in your goddamn time-traveling face.

But thanks to Pennsylvania’s Century, this is now a reality on the track “Oak God” from their new album Red Giant. While Prog-metalcore isn’t exactly what I would expect to hear Martin crooning on in 2011, the band clearly has a love affair with 90s metal and who here doesn’t know all the lyrics to “Mother’s Dream“? (Really? I’m the only one?)

Along with Century’s two vocalists, Martin helps make this massive sounding avalanche of metal shreds and rock destruction that much more impressive, multi-faceted and just fucking cool. It’s almost enough to forgive him for the majority of Lucy.

Red Giant will be released by Prosthetic Records on August 30th.