Catapult The Smoke – Contest!

CTS – Always Favour My Side by Decibel Magazine

Alright, here’s another chance to win big. A lot of people go through life and they never win anything. Losers. Some babies are stillborn. The ultimate losers. Here is an opportunity to be better than that, by winning a copy of Catapult The Smoke’s new album – Born In Fire. And we’ve got five copies, so there are FIVE chances to win. I’d take those odds like a Brett Michaels promise.

“When Stoner And Doom Collide!” is probably the coolest tagline since Freddy VS Jason: “The Slicer…The Dicer…And This Time They’re Not Any Nicer!” And it turns out that both taglines apply to this Swedish power trio’s second album.

Thing is, it always bothers me when we import great stoner and doom from Scandinavia because I don’t even think they have very good weed over there. Certainly not comparable to my California Heavy Buddha Kush. So how they bang out these bangers is beyond me, and I naturally don’t trust it. But I can’t deny tracks like “Always Favour My Side.” I mean, they’re definitely smoking something.

If you’d like to hear the rest of Born In Fire, fucking win the album by answering this query: What band preceded Catapult The Smoke? You can email your answers to: [email protected]. Dude, you’re already on the internet…