Celebrate Jared Southwick’s Life in Indy, Sept. 3rd

As with many artists, Jared Southwick’s passing has been a tragedy both emotionally and financially. His family are not only dealing with the loss of a loved one, but shouldering the burden of unpaid medical expenses. So Saturday, Sept. 3rd, Jared’s friends and fans have put together an amazing show to further pay tribute to him and aid the Southwicks. From Bob Fouts:
“just in case people are not aware,Jared,being in the profession he was in,had 0 medical coverage.all proceeds will go directly to the Southwick family.

Saturday September 3rd
@ The Vollrath
118 East Palmer Street
Indianapolis, IN 46225-1680
(317) 632-5199

10 buck donation
(all money raised will go directly to the Southwicks’s)
there will also be memorial t shirts available and an open donation bucket plus a nice gift for the Whiskey-T dudes for all in attendance!

Harakiri(“twlight of..”era line up.first show in over 3 years!)
Whiskeytits(one time reunion!)
Coffinworm(God’s of naptown filth!)
Legion(Munice DM OG’s)
Chinaski (Alfie,Roy and Bake’s new band)”

Remember, this isn’t only about Jared. This is about a community that, while it may occasionally piss you off and test your patience, has been a positive and integral part of many, many people’s lives. This would be the perfect night to remember and respect that.