Dave Matrise’s (Jungle Rot) Top 5 Best Things About Wisconsin

5. SummerfestSummerfest: Biggest Outdoor Music Festival that is held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Fest brings in over 100,000 people in a day. It has many types of music playing every day, with over 100 stages. It brings in all the heavyweights from metal to country, even R&B and hip-hop. Summerfest has something for everyone to see… And hear.

4. Winter Snowmobiling
Winter time snowmobiling in Wisconsin. We get tons of snow each winter to make it perfect to hit the trails. The whole state has trails everywhere to ride. It is very easy to do a 100 miles of trail riding in a day. This is one of the funnest winter sports to go and try. But wear a helmet.

3. Dirt Track Racing
We have many race tracks around Wisconsin that run open wheel winged sprint cars. If you have not seen them yet you do not know what you are missing. The action is very fast with lots of crashes to make it extra fun to watch.

2. Hunting
Wisconsin has some of the best land to harvest many different animals through out the year. We hunt bear, deer, and many types of birds (turkey, pheasant, duck, and many more). We have the right change of seasons to make it ideal for all of these hunting seasons.

1. Green Bay Packers
First best thing about Wisconsin is the Green Bay Packers. People in Wisconsin live for football. We are the champs and everyone knows it. I was raised on football my whole life and I played for many years. I could not see life without the Pack… Go Pack Go!

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