Contest: Win Premonition 13’s New 7″

We must be doing something right, because the incredibly generous folks over at Volcom gifted us with TEN (10) copies of Premonition 13’s brand-new 7″ to give to TEN (10) deserving Deciblog readers. If you haven’t already, read about Wino’s new venture with his pal of 20 years, Jim “Sparky” Karow, in the current issue of Decibel (see In the Studio, page 20). Brother J. Bennett discovered that the songs were written in Karow’s house, once the domicile of Brave New World author and LSD enthusiast Aldous Huxley. And there’s also a very heavy Mayan influence going on behind the scenes, as you can see from the cover art. Have a listen to the two tracks you can win:

Premonition 13 – Crossthreaded (VEVC 0020) by VolcomEnt

Premonition 13 – Switchouse (VEVC 0020) by VolcomEnt

Look how studious and determined the bespectacled duo of Wino and Jim Karow were when recording this slab of rumbling desert power jams.

Clearly, you need a this in your life. But just because we have TEN (10) to give away doesn’t mean it’s gonna be a cake-walk. For a chance to win a copy of Premonition 13’s 7″, answer the following question: The Mayans believed the gods actually made people out of which vegetable? (Hint: It was the most important crop they grew.) (Hint Two: Think nachos.)

Email your answer to [email protected] no later than midnight EST on Monday, April 11, 2011.