Bring Me the Head Of…

So, alright, the G.G. Allin “throbblehead” was cool. But maybe after a month or two making the plastic punker nod approvingly every time you, say, shit on the kitchen floor and threw it at your dad or punched some mouthy little tart in the mouth got a little old. The options seem so limited. And now you’re looking for a more all-encompassing way to be vicariously hated. Well, Sikrik Masks has the perfect latex solution for you friend, and it spins in the video above. (Sorry, ladies, the Kat Von D mask is not for sale. You’ll have to find another way to seduce jilted Nikki Sixx. Try a pulse, bad fashion sense, or, if all else fails, fake an interest in geriatrics.)

Of course, not all of us are into the Proud Gutter Degenerate jam, and, thus, true blue metal legend Tom G. Warrior has stepped into the Riff &Growl breach with his own bizzaro set of “death masks.” For example:

These come in several collectable wall-mounted designs, and are a real thumb in the eye of those who doubted Warrior hid something uber-awesome under that omnipresent skullcap. Save some money on postage when you purchase a cruci-dildo — or, as Warrior prefers, “phallic enshrinement” — at the same time.