Albert Mudrian & Requiem Metal Podcast Get Napalm Death-ed

Requiem Metal Podcast has been going since April 2008. To date, podcast creators Mark Rudolph (also known for his awesome review illustrations and the cartoon Danzig dB cover) and Jason Hundey have 118 episodes under their respective Atlantean-like belts. That’s a lot of talking and, if I’m being highly subjective (which I am, ’cause both dudes are longtime friends, former fellow ‘zine editors, former roommates, former record store colleagues, and fellow Michiganders), more metal—from Bolt Thrower, Paradise Lost, and Mercyful Fate to Taneli Jarva (?), Kyuss, and Helmet—podcasted than anywhere else on the J Bennett-penned “Interhole”.
The dudes know their stuff. But when they don’t they tactfully bring in experts to round out the conversation. Like for Episode 118 Napalm Death. Who else on God’s puke-colored Earth would know more about Napalm Death than Albert ‘I have a 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment in Shane Embury’s hair’ Mudrian?! He wrote an improbable book called Choosing Death, which features extensive coverage on Birmingham’s lead ginders, for crispysakes! And, yeah, he’s also the EIC of Decibel.

So, Decibloggers and admirers of all things metallic, grindy, speedy, and soot-covered (Birmingham industrial reference, I think?), check out the Requiem Metal Podcast, Episode 118 Napalm Death. There are loads of Napalm Death tunes (obviously) and heaps of self-deprecating yet highly-informed conversations to be experienced and re-experienced. Chuffed? I am.

To stream Episode 118 Napalm Death, click here. Yes, it’s SFW.

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Furthermore, if you’d like to be Executive Producer for an episode, you can by donating to Requiem Metal Podcast. Click here (must be signed in to Paypal) to donate and be the big fucking shot you’ve always wanted to be. Decibel contributor and former Deciblogger Nick Green wears big boy pants for Episode 118 Napalm Death. Kudos, sir!