R.I.P. Gary Moore, Guitar God

It saddened us to our very boogie-metal core to read about the death of Gary Moore, one of the most dazzling guitar players ever to plug in and rock out. Moore, 58, was found dead in a hotel room in Spain. Best known for his work on Thin Lizzy’s Black Rose, Moore also had a very successful solo career, worked with everyone from Andrew Lloyd Webber to Ozzy, and was recruited by George Harrison, Bob Dylan,Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne to play on the Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3 album. In 1994, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker formed BBM with him. Aside from his outta control playing, Moore made his mark with his face—dude had some of the best mid-wank expressions in the history of music. To honor Moore’s passing, we present you with the Gary Moore Wank-Face Gallery, plus a video of Moore and Phil Lynott playing dress-up and rocking their Irish arses off on “Out In The Fields.”