Dan Swanö’s Kimono Opens

Back when time was kept on watches and not phones (i.e., the period shortly after the demise of the trilobites) Swede Dan Swanö was producing records by Opeth, Katatonia, 59 Times the Pain, Millencolin, Coercion, and bunch of other “nobodies”. Decibel got a peek at Mr. Swanö’s “studio guestbook” when we inducted Katatonia’s Brave Murder Day and Opeth’s Orchid albums into the Hall of Fame, but we never expected to see the full Unisound “studio guestbook” in all its nerdy glory. Unless we were in Örebro at some point in our hazy past hanging with the studio stud and all his death/black/hardcore (just a few) relics.

Turns out, the inimitable Day DiSyraah (aka Dan Swanö) has had some time on his hands to scan Unisound’s “studio guestbook” and set up a nifty little website, replete with funny anecdotes about Greek bands (Exhumation) taking 1.5 hour long cab rides from Uppsala to Örebro to record or a pseudo member of Dissection side project De Infernali affectionately called ‘The Shitman’ for his “affection to all things brown and smelly.”

Below are a few choice slides from the Unisound “studio guestbook”. Note: Lots of silly shit in Swedish. Ask Dark Funeral ex-vocalist Masse Broberg to translate. Demonoid’s not too busy at the moment.

Opeth "Morningrise" sessions

Torment sessions. Before Maze of Torment.

Godgory = Goryhole?

The rest can be viewed here. Some slides are NSFW. Keep it up, Dan. We can’t wait to see the earlier stuff!