Dimmu Borgir’s “Dimmu Borgir” Gets It Wrong

Typically Dimmu Borgir get it right (OK, not right if you’re an BM elitist who mailorders and uses Money Orders instead of credit or Paypal to pay for the latest ‘diehard’ re-re-press of Asgardsrei) when they pick a video ‘single’. “Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse“? Yes. “The Serpentine Offering“? Yes. “The Chosen Legacy? Yes. “Sorgens Kammer Del.2“. Yes. “Gateways“? I get it. “The Sacrilegious Scorn“? OK, maybe not. But “Dimmu Borgir”? Absolutely not.

“Dimmu Borgir”, one of Abrahadabra‘s weakest tracks, is barely even a finished song. The foundation, a threadbare assortment of tried and true power chords, is more like a demo than a fully formed song. The orchestration is nice, but basic. But this is what Dimmu Borgir wants you to hear. Not the riffing behind the trills and thrills or Dariusz Brzozowski’s damned drumming. Of course, Shagrath’s vocals top everything. They’re effective, skilled even. There is, however, no reason for his occult-ish proclamations to divert attention away from Galder and Silenoz’s riffs. Unless there are barely any riffs.

Perhaps Dimmu Borgir should’ve let the fans pick the follow-up video to “Gateways”. Like mid-album flayer “A Jewel Traced Through Coal“. At the very least Galder and Silenoz haven’t been de-metallized by the 80,000 piece orchestra paid to trumpet and violin over everything.