New Sodom Track “Feigned Death Throes” Streaming + Vinyl Contest

Over the last three weeks we’ve been fortunate enough to open three cans of Sodom agent orange on your sorry fiveheads. Week 1 we premiered an uncompromisingly intense set of tracks in “In War and Pieces” & “Hellfire”. For Week 2, another two cans (“Through Toxic Veins” & “Nothing Counts More Than Blood”) of Sodom tear gas were ceremoniously launched out of the dB howitzer in your general direction. Week 3 whipped us into the saddest of shapes. We’ve been pistol-whacked before, but Sodom’s AK-47 wallop to the brain in track “Storm Raging Up” was something else entirely.
This week, Tom Angelripper decided to describe the track, “Feigned Death Throes”, himself. Ausgezeichnet!

“A rather non-typical Sodom song featuring catchy, almost black metal-like song structures, which get a threatening atmosphere across to the listener, paired with the screaming wrath of the sufferer in the shape of Tom Angelripper himself. The massive sound of the drums clearly accentuates Bobby’s merciless treatment of the drums, and the crystal clear sound of the guitars cuts through the auditory canal of the listeners — an ideal symbiosis of music and lyrics, which describe how somebody tries to deceive his tormentor by a simulated death struggle.

“The analogy to our social situation is, that the members of our society surrender and ‘play dead’, that is they’re giving up their individuality. Slang, hot trends and clothes are taken over and city centers are matched. Human beings walk around like zombies, who sacrificed themselves to a higher power. Many animal species play dead when they seem to be in a hopeless situation.

“Also human beings are only helpless creatures, which wreck themselves and don’t know any better but to act decreasingly instead of becoming obstreperous. The line “although your blood still flows / it’s only feigned death throes” expresses that the humans seem to bleed to death, but it’s all just a strategy to cope with the situation. If one would be able to overcome oneself, it would probably be possible to disburden from all restraints.”

“Feigned Death Throes”

But that wasn’t all we had in store for you Sodomites (sorry, couldn’t resist) the world over. Nope. We added a nice little incendiary cherry on top of the sputtering cans of “mommy I want to go home now”. That’s right. Each week, dB*** and SPV/Steamhammer will be giving away one (1) copy of Sodom’s In War and Pieces on blood red gate-fucking-fold vinyl.

What do you have to do?

1. Listen to Sodom.

2. Email us at this email: [email protected].

That’s it! Two steps and you could be a lucky vinyl-celebrating bastard. Include your first name, last name, address, and email in your message.

WINNER WEEK 1: Stephen M. from Belle, WV.
WINNER WEEK 2: Tim A. from Kettering, OH.

** Sodom’s new album, In War and Pieces, is out January 11, 2011 on SPV/Steamhammer.

*** Fulfillment of contest prizes not by Decibel Magazine, The Deciblog or Red Flag Media.