Dukatalon “Saved By Fear” Full Album Streaming

Track-by-track commentary by Zafrir Zori (Dukatalon)
A person who holds an arrogant truth, taunts, preaches, and tries proving everyone wrong ends up being the worst of them all.

This one deals with a state of mind where you want to run away and dwell in a secluded place, but such place is out of hand, for there will always be those demons who haunt you. Let them be real or imaginary.

Inspired by all of those people who seek refuge in a better place, yet they’re doomed to be strangers wherever they harbor.

A human being is more than just flesh and bones, there’s spirit and soul deep within. The moment grasp it is so illusive and staggering, and leaves you in awe.

“Saved By Fear”
This one is an instrumental track, but I will take this opportunity to tell what the meaning of the theme behind the album title Saved by Fear. Fear is the most ancient instinct in us which comes to help us to avoid from danger and to survive. Our whole environment as human kind has been changed but this instinct is still the same… In our days people seems to think that fear and anxiety is a bad thing and although it is a painful and a suffering experience it’s actually a good thing that saves us and the only instinct inside of us that make us know the difference between good or bad… And the most important thing between right or wrong as far as our inner demons.

“Gate of Mind”
Who shall judge and who shall be judged? How one’s thoughts and deeds lead to redemption?

“Electric Site”
Each one of us encompasses a subtle magnetic field, generated by chemical reaction within cells and ionic currents of the nervous system. So in a broader perspective, all living creatures contribute to a collective electric site.

The title means “A mourning woman”. Just as the joker’s role is to amuse and entertain, the howling sound of a woman’s keen casts its grievance and submission upon the mourning crowd in a funeral, forcing them to acknowledge that their day will eventually come.

** Dukatalon’s new album, Saved by Fear, is out 12/14/2010 on Relapse Records. Order it here.