Otalgia, My Sweet Love: Magrudergrind “Crusher” EP Streaming

It’s no fucking time to start a record label. Physical sales have been hit by multiple (and surgical) airstrikes, digital downloads have flatlined, and record stores (not the big box crap either) ain’t having it easy. So, what does Scion A/V do? Of all the crazy things to finance, even angelically, Scion A/V have started a fucking record label. In 2010.
No, they haven’t gone out and signed Kanye’s fast-lipped barber or Nicki Minaj’s third cousin or Patrick Monahan’s harmonica tech. The A&R peeps at Scion A/V may’ve done inked all of the former, but such business decisions are obscured from our cross-eyed view. But they did commit D.C.’s crusty/thrashy heroes Magrudergrind to polycarbonate (CD), polyvinyl chloride (vinyl), and binary whatever (digital download). Yeah, the same band that sounds like they were heaved out of 1990 (or 1989), unbuttoned flannel shirts, abused Chucks, goofy haircuts and all.

To celebrate the release (today, November 22nd, 2010), Scion A/V have given us a sweet stream to Magrudergrind’s Crusher EP. Enjoy the noise. We are.