Pics of the Day: The Angry Baby Edition

“Phil Anselmo looks like a giant angry baby!” So came the cry from a friend who had just opened her mailbox to retrieve her issue of Decibel. Because I’m the last person to receive a copy (the post office can suck it), I didn’t know what the heck she was talking about. Then my copy came. Holy shit, Phil does look like a giant angry baby. More proof after the jump.

I don’t know all that much about the mood swings of babies, but I do know that they can scream louder than Phil on any given day of the week. Babies put metal singers to shame. When a baby lets loose and starts crying, anyone within a three-block radius can feel the baby’s pain. Phil Anselmo doesn’t scare me, but a crying baby is terrifying. So what did we learn today? If an aspiring metal singer wants to be effectively frightening, he/she should mimic an angry baby. It got Phil on the cover of Decibel. Enjoy our gallery of pissed-off babies, the future of heavy metal.