Phuck Shit Up with Phight Amp and Phriends, Philly!

I know it’s hard to leave the house on Thursdays: Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers, Night Court AND L.A. Law? On the same channel, no less? If there’s ever a night to eat potato chips out of your bellybutton, this is it. OR, if you live in the greater Philadelphia area and feel comfortable setting your VCR to record for three hours, we have an unfuckwithably radical reason for you to put the bong down. A face-peeling foursome of noisecore and prog will take over metal-sympathetic hipster haven Kung Fu Necktie for less than the cost of a pint mixed drink. Decibel faves Hero Destroyed and Fight Amp will launch the weekend early with help from Iron Thrones and Consenting Adults. And by “launch,” we mean “permanently disfigure.” Be not a pussy.