Doomocalypse Now! Griftegård Streaming MP3s

OK, when Albert, Scott K., and myself think doom metal we automatically throw horns, put on our ankle length leather jackets, and head out to the moors for an “atmospheric” photo shoot. Actually, we don’t have moors here in Pennsylvania, but a trip to Centralia, PA always sets the right “mood”.
Anyway, there’s been far too little doom metal — you know, the plodding, morose, Candlemass-type of slow-mo — on the Deciblog of late. So, we asked the Swedes  in Griftegård if we could host a few audio samples from the group’s very overlooked debut album, Solemn, Sacred, Severe. They said, “Yeah, man”, and guitarist Ola Blomkvist even provided some commentary to go along with the Griftegård’s cemetery cadence. Cool, eh?

Let’s commence with the doomage. Enjoy the rainy day wherever you are.

By Ola Blomkvist (Griftegård)

“Charles Taze Russell”
Was an American early 20th century Christian restoration minister for the Bible student movement that laid the foundation of what later became the sect of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The song deals in part with the end time paranoia that the JW’s teachings instil in their members, something I have personal experience with, being born into the sect.
[audio:|titles=Griftegård – Charles Taze Russell]

“I Refuse These Ashes”
Put very simply it is a song about the pains and struggles of maturing beyond the flesh, containing descriptions of the confrontations with one’s own weaknesses that come with this most crucial process.
[audio:|titles=Griftegård – I Refuse These Ashes]

“Noah’s hands”
This is a psalm for the misanthrope in all of us. The song was made together with organist Nicklas Kinnader and Peter Andersson of Raison D’être.
[audio:|titles=Griftegård – Noah’s Hands]

** Griftegård’s debut album, Solemn, Sacred, Severe, is out now on Ván Records. Order it here.