Win a Copy of “Back From Hell: A Tribute To Sam Kinison”

The first time I saw comedian Sam Kinison in action was on “Married With Children”’s Christmas special in 1989. He played Al Bundy’s guardian angel, a sort of Clarence to Al’s George Bailey. Even as an angel, Kinison was so shrill and gritty, and his laugh was disgusting. I wanted my guardian angel to sound just like him.
If Decibel had an Extremely Extreme Comedians hall of fame, Kinison would no doubt be an early inductee. We’re not the only ones who think he’s worthy of such praise. The folks over at Comedy Central are premiering “Back From Hell: A Tribute to Sam Kinison” on Saturday, November 13. Chris Rock, Denis Leary, Norm MacDonald, George Lopez, Lewis Black, Kathy Griffin, and Richard Belzer will expound on Kinison’s contributions to comedy before his sudden death in 1992. Says Chris Rock: “I miss my dad and I miss Sam Kinison. I really wish I could show him what I’ve done, because he had so much to do with it.”

After the special airs, Comedy Central is releasing the uncut and uncensored DVD with bonus features including stories from The Comedy Store in Los Angeles with comedians Pauly Shore and Marc Maron among others; a live “Wild Thing” performance and the original music video of the song; and additional classic Kinison stand-up. We have three copies of the DVD to give away. Enter for a chance to win, plus watch the “Wild Thing” video (co-staring Billy Idol, Tommy Lee, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Slash, and Richie Sambora) after the jump.

To enter for a chance to win, answer this: Before Kinison became a comedian, what was his holier-than-thou profession? E-mail your answer to [email protected] before midnight EST on Tuesday, November 16.

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