Louder Than Leno

First off, if you didn’t know, Kim Thayil is fucking old. Real old. He looks like Kim Thayil’s dad. But aside from that, the band’s back together, Chris Cornell’s hair is long again and they have that new song that isn’t great but it’s still Soundgarden and Lord knows that’s better than the fifty shithead post-rock records you heard last week.

So yeah, as you can see from the videos there isn’t much to report. The band was somewhat restrained probably because they’re playing in a studio and also because, well, let’s just expect them to be restrained for the remainder of their reunited career.

It was actually super rad that they played their first single ever, “Hunted Down,” which is possibly older than you, but Ben Shepherd looked real bored and played with a pick so I wish they’d brought up original bassist Hiro Yamamoto but maybe he couldn’t afford the plane ticket. Still, hearing that instead of “Spoonman” was appreciated.

Here’s your new Soundgarden, not much different than your old Soundgarden… except for Kim Thayil, who is so incredibly old. But let’s go back in time for a moment, to how it used to be. I give you The Lame List.