Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal) Video Interview + Live

OK, it’s long established that the dudes at Scion A/V and the dudes at Decibel shake hands, break bread together, and then go home to blast some deathly hate over a glass of fine Merlot. If only to discuss and dissect the extremest of extremely extreme metal. That’s what dudes do.
When Scion A/V has a sweet segment they know exactly where to send it. This time it’s Hate Eternal. If you’re a long-time Decibel reader (or hater) you’ll know frontman/guitarist Erik Rutan’s on the Decibel ‘bro list’. Hell, every time we release our football issue, Rutan’s part of the action claiming the Birds will do “this” in the NFC or “that” to the dreaded Cowboys (we’re pretty sure Erik’s grinning like Andy Reid at an Old Country Buffet about the Lions-like season the Cowboys are having in 2010). Hey, we like the dude.

Scion Rock Fest 2010: Hate Eternal Interview from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

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