For most people, winter conjures images of pumpkin spice chai in a cozy Starbucks, pining for an iPad/BlackBerry/Xbox and the birth of the little boy who would go on to drive Mel Gibson insane.
Those people are, of course, assholes.

For us, it’s impulse killings in Olympic parks, stabbing your labelmates 20+ times and Abbath rocking the teacup ride. Yes, Satan Claus arrives early this year, toting our second-ever exclusive one-off, the Black Metal Hall of Fame issue! (The first, the ever-controversial 100 Greatest Metal Albums of the Decade is still available.) All of our industrious little elves (i.e. eight-year-old Malaysians and local homeless) worked overtime to bring you eight classic tales from black metal’s vast crypt. Three of them you’ve never seen before—undisputed classics by Burzum, Satyricon and Rotting Christ—and the Darkthrone piece was only previously available in our HOF anthology, Precious Metal. This baby’s not included with subscriptions and is only available online right here and at select indie record retailers starting around November 8.

Trust us. After all aren’t we the ones you come to if you like it extra black?