Simon Hawemann (War from a Harlots Mouth) Top 5 Apocalypse Songs

By Simon Hawemann (War from a Harlots Mouth)
5. Swarm of the Lotus – “Nightmare Paint”
“Nightmare Paint” is such a twisted and shattering song, it reminds me of grating doors or grating metal even. It sounds like an earthquake, pure chaos, like elemental forces – out of control. Things you would expect to happen when thinking of the Apocalypse.

4. Celeste – “De sorte que plus jamais un instant ne soit magique”
Celeste are playing post hardcore with a black metal vibe and they are very good at mashing this up. Everything they do sounds super cold and harsh, yet somewhat emotional and depressing. Depressing especially goes for this one…the tempo at the end of the song is slowing down, cellos are playing in the back and it gets darker and darker towards the end. So if the end of the world is a depressing experience, this song is the tune this experience needs.

3. Gaza – “Hospital Fat Bags”
Here’s a band that sounds extremely miserable, yet pissed and angry as fuck. Every word that singer squeezes out of his lungs sounds like it’s forced by endless torture, countless stabwounds and the worst possible pain that you could think of. If you’ve ever seen them play, you can’t deny it is in this singer’s eyes: The end of everything. And that repeating riff at the end of the song…I wish it would not end, ever.

2. Deathspell Omega – “Chaining the Katechon”
Deathspell Omega really opened doors for me with this song, when it comes to extreme music. It’s not only technically sophisticated to a point that is nothing but jaw-dropping, but it is loaded with the same amount of evil and occult spirit, that pushes it way beyond every other black metal band out there. Kvlt Warriors may disapprove, but I don’t give a shit! 20 minutes of pure apocalyptic madness.

1. Celtic Frost – “Synagoga Satanae”
The vibe Celtic Frost’s Monotheist carries just screams pure evil non-stop. While most of its songs are of an unquestionable heaviness, “Synagoga Satanae” is the one above all. It’s long and drawn out, but that’s what it needs to unfold its heaviness. The riff that kicks in after the sixth minute of the song is so heavy it actually makes you feel like time is running backwards. English, Roman and German lyrics and prayers in the midst of the song make this thing a mass that is in league of its own.

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