Death Metal wearing a pink thing

Landmine Marathon frontlady Grace Perry is an accomplished growler/Revolver cover girl, but did you know she was also in the worst band ever?
Many of you probably already are aware that your grind-crush was in the electronica/metal comedy band Osama Bin SARS. But have you ever actually heard it? I mean, we know it was just one big joke, but “Father of Mine” sounds like every highschool band from the last ten years. And as the honorable Nick Green said, just try and get through all of “Electroslut.” It’s like listening to Keyboard Cat in heat. After thirty seconds of faux orgasm sounds you may have to reach for a Brokencyde LP to cleanse the palette.

And just so you know these guys meant business, here is some video of them performing live doing God knows what to God knows whom. And, uh, here’s some more. Let’s see Matt from Dystopia pull this off.