Hellmouth Gives Us a Song, Burns a Bible

By: shane.mehling Posted in: uncategorized On: Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Get ready for your two minutes hate.

Hellmouth, Detroit’s blackened hardcore heathens, are dropping their new album, Gravestone Skylines, on 11/16 and wanted to give us a brief yet throttling listen to one of its tracks, “Exodus.”

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But the real news is that the band will be releasing a limited vinyl version of the album with the ashes of a burnt bible pressed into the records. Here’s guitarist Alex Awn:

“The concept of burning a holy book and sending its ashes off to the pressing plant to include in a limited run of the new album presented itself to us when we were in NYC earlier this year. Vinnie [Fiorello, Paper + Plastick Records founder] did some research and found out it could be done, so we were pretty excited about it. As far as we know this is the first of its kind. I’ve heard about a company that presses your own ash into a record after you’ve been cremated but since we’re not dabbling in corpse desecration or body-snatching, a bible would have to suffice.”

“We procured an old German bible from the late 1800’s to sacrifice for the new album. It had scribblings and notes in it that dated it to the turn of the 19th century which was interesting. It was heavy, leather-bound and was sealed w/ a metal clasp. The type was set in a gothic script and it had some 3 color images on the recto pages. There was a lot of craftsmanship and man-hours that went into producing the book. Having said that, I wouldn’t get too misty-eyed on the fine craftsmanship of the book b/c it was the content we were focusing on and the rivers of blood left in its wake. The bible was set up w/ 4 candles representing the members of Hellmouth, we lit the candles, doused the book in gasoline and set it ablaze. The fire looked beautiful as it licked the pages, causing them to curl, wither and give off copious clouds of jesus-smoke. It took a couple hours to get through the huge tome, but eventually it smoldered and we collected the ash to send to Vinnie the following day. The best part of the evening was watching Jeff [Uberti] accidently throw flaming trails of infernal gasoline around my back yard onto dry leaves and grass. Or Jay [Navarro] picking up the burning bible for a photo op. That’s the shit we’ll remember. Fuck the bible, the torah, the qur’an, and the bhagavad gita. No Gods, No Bastards.”

So there you go. These guys won’t be coming to a church near you, but be on the lookout for Gravestone Skylines and some of the most blasphemous vinyl ever released. Hail not Jesus.

  • http://ulandblog.blogspot.com/ Uland Krzyz

    Who gave these children money? Their parents must be late picking them up from latchkey.How else do you explain such nonsensical and childish acting-out? Unless it’s a P.R stunt..

    • Rev.L

      How is it possible you take offense to this compared to what Christians have done in the past? Check the news. I’m sure there are much worse things to concern yourself with than this.

    • Mikeslad722

      children? money? I see no children, therefore, they must be adults and make money fool. and people do more crazy shit these days. they burned a bible. omg. who cares.

    • Leslie

      Children? Lmao. Obviously you haven’t looked in to this at all. They’re all very intelligent, full grown men with respectable jobs.

  • Kole

    It’s refreshing to see a band actually taking a stand for something today and to see some actual protest going on. These guys define Detroit. They represent what was left after the car companies moved out and left everyone there with nothing so that they could save a few dollars. This band is representative of what is going on in America and the world right now. Poverty, greed, famine, and disease. We are standing at the Hellmouth, the gate to hell and these are the four horsemen.

  • Jamie


    • Leslie

      Bow down to no bastards!

  • Bill

    Any one remember the song “sometimes i dont mind” by TSM?
    Jay Navarro is a hypocrite. It’s a green world after all… hope for man kind and a positive liberal message… Then they make an attempt at commercial sucess with that music video about Royce’s dog….

    Now he is out burning bibles?! I could care less about the bible, but these fags need to quit with the evil schitck. It’s SUPER tired and the music (while heavy) is just NOT a match.

    You better be Watain, if you want to pull this shit. These guys are just disgused hipsters looking for attention.

    • Mdunstra

      So what you’re saying is that your opinions and view points cannot change or grow over time? Did you even listen to the last couple Suicide Machines records? They had gotten very angry and you can totally see the link between where the last record left off and where Hellmouth began. Jay has even said in interviews & live that he uses his bands for different outlets.

      Speaking of schticks…WATAIN? Hellmouth is taking a stand against religion…Watain claims they are servants of satan. Sure the burning of a bible is definitely a PR move to sell records, but Watain is the king cheeseball of schtick. They are the Kiss of black metal.

      Coming from being a fan of the band and even some of their passed bands, you need to revist your idea of hipster because these guys have all been around and playing long before that word was being tossed around.

      New song fucking rules!

    • Jessie

      So where does it say in the music rulebook that you have to be heavy or put on evil make up to be anti-god? You are so right; fake blood, baby powder and make up that looks like Kiss just got put through a car wash gives a band WAY more credibility to burn a stupid book. Talk about posing scenesters. Black metal is just as bad as metalcore, screamo and rap when it comes to fashion and trying too hard.

  • David

    Book burning is f-in stupid. I don’t care if it’s the bible, the koran, whatever. The only thing I can compare this with is that dumbass preacher in Florida.

    Reason#1 why some bands shouldn’t blog.

    • Paul

      You’re kidding right? You can’t even compare the 2 things.

      Reason#2 why people shouldn’t blog.

  • Shes2Daft4uHAHA

    You guys are COMPLETELY SHALLOW and are MISSING the damn point!! .<–point

    you guys w/ bible book burning panties in a wad<—

    The POINT IS: The BIBLE (whatever god the Qur'an or fuckwhat EVER it is you "believe" in) has led us all astray and is now the root of every political propaganda around the globe leading you like blind damn pigs to a slaughter. I'd say sheep but really, that's a compliment to the world today. Fuck the bible and fuck the pigs on Jersey Shore (just thought I'd throw that in there) It's a statement. DEAL WITH IT. Effin crybabies!

  • Bobbydevil666

    Hail Hellmouth

  • TheElderGod

    I wish bands would just play the shit out of their music, instead of posturing all the time. Too many bands are choosing style over substance, and it’s pretty disheartening to me. I think if bands would concern themselves more with writing awesome music instead of trying so hard to be grim or kvlt, there might not be so much shitty music floating around. And, a bible from the 1800s? Me personally, I would have put that motherfucker on ebay.

  • Lizzard

    I love how all of you suedo-intellectual douchebags are questioning the motives/actions of a hardcore PUNK band. They’re a punk band for fucks sake, they can do whatever they want. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of those vinyls!

  • Alex13

    No offense to the Hellmouth guys, I love ya, but this seems kinda gimmicky.

    To the fellow that claims they’re hipsters: that word has been thrown around by hardcore snobs and condescending, stuck-up metalheads for so long that it no longer has any meaning. I used to work in the same place as Mr.Navarro, and believe me, he’s no rich trust fund kid by any means. He busts his back every day. “Hipster”? psh. Go play Scene Police someplace else.

  • Hell Awaits

    my record is burning 20 bibles in one day

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