Phobia “If You Used To Be Punk, Then You Never Were” Streaming MP3

Since we, rather Albert, wrote the book on the absolutely probable history of death metal and grindcore (available here as a shameful but necessary plugadelic), we felt there has been a dearth of grindcore and grindcore-related things on the Deciblog. We know. We’ve got Sailors With Wax Wings, Valient Thorr, Gene Simmons, and fucking Shadowgarden up our collective arses. Now, it’s time to give back and our favorite record label, Relapse Records*, ever is helping out.
Before we roll out the crusty/punky beats, Phobia vokillist Shane ‘The Pain’ McLachlan had the following verbal razors about ‘If You Used To Be Punk, Then You Never Were’: “This song is to remind people that punk rock is a way of life, and not a phase nor to be socially acceptable to the masses. Punk rock needs to be back on the streets and bring that good old fashion fuck you to those who deserve it! And to those who claimed to once be, you never were if you’re not now. Eat shit!”

“This song came together pretty quick,” McLachlan continues. “Something must have pissed me of that sparked the influence for this song. And when that happens, stuff comes together very quickly when you are very passionate about something. It was the last track that was recorded and it was very therapeutic to an extent!”

OK, OK. Commence with the ruling tuneage.

* PS. Sorry Wild Rags. You stopped being the apple of our beady eyes when you poo-ed on Nuclear Death.

** Phobia’s new album, Unrelenting, is out November 23, 2010 on Relapse Records. (dis)Order it here.