Stream the new Deadkill album

By: Posted in: featured, listen On: Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Deadkill-7 - Kelly O_web

Deciblog faithful, for your streaming pleasure we have the new Deadkill album No, Never! available starting today from our friends at Good To Die Records.

Give it a listen and then read a track-by-track breakdown from the band.


Bryan Krieger: Brutal opera about descending into the depths of hell for one you love: love is a foolish task…it backfires.

Hoof Polish

Mike Stubz: A classic love song about Jagermeister and a simpler time before Fireball.

Banks of the West

Bryan Krieger: To a creole lady (Baudelaire inspired this)

Ghost Out

Mike Stubz: About getting loaded with buds, then sneaking out, peeling off and getting into some weird night time party shit.

Kentucky Fried

Mike Stubz: It’s about having a major freak out on acid in a park by our Capital Hill neighborhood that used to have a KFC next to it. Out of context it doesn’t make much sense.


Song about going balls on the bottle then trying to hold it together the next morning.

Bryan Krieger: School shootings

Kill It Dead
Bryan Krieger: About a friend Doughy D and the Cha ChaEaster show

Messed Up

Bryan Krieger: About a kid with holes in his brain…true story that aired on This American Life.


Bryan Krieger: Mental illness

Oh God

Mike Stubz: First song I ever wrote in my life….about being in a shit show, sitting around watching TV high at 4 in the morning and seeing an ad for some BS tech school and thinking “Man, I gotta get my shit together.”

Something Like a War
Bryan Krieger: This was Stubz’ OG band name…a quote about how Ty Cobb played the game. I wrote about drug dealers at the downtown McDonalds.

Party Fight

Bryan Krieger: Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighbor on a Saturday night

The Desert
Bryan Krieger: I wrote this while watching Ginger Baker’s documentary. It’s about a fatalistic sense of optimism while marching toward certain death.