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Top 5 Appalachian Authors by Nate Hall & Meghan Mulhearn (U.S. Christmas)

November 12, 2010

By Nate Hall (U.S. Christmas) #5 John Ehle: The Land Breakers, The Winter People, Trail of Tears. (Describing the Cherokee) Male and female, they were hospitable but uneffusive. The men appeared to be respectful but remained aloof, were secure within themselves. They would shake a stranger’s hand silently while looking off toward the horizon, securing…

Five Appalachian People Who Rule by Nate Hall (U.S. Christmas)

October 25, 2010

By Nate Hall (U.S. Christmas) I can’t say this is a “Top 5” list, because I couldn’t possibly rank Appalachian people on any kind of scale. Some of these are people I have known, others I never met. All of them are distinctly Appalachian. Popcorn Sutton — Maggie Valley, NC. The late great moonshiner Marvin…