Tribes Of Neurot

The Visual Artists of Neurosis

September 21, 2016

Throughout their career, the visual artists of Neurosis have been as important to the band as the musicians. Read their commentary in this feature.

Grace Period: Neurosis Talk Times of Grace’s Companion Album

August 18, 2016

Our Times of Grace Hall of Fame interview with Neurosis touches on how the band decided to record a companion album of ambient music under their Tribes of Neurot moniker (Grace) with the specific intention of creating an “active listening experience,” but alas, the cursed restraints of print media only allowed for part of the story to be told. Thankfully, you’re on the Internet right now, so you can simply read on to hear the rest of the tale.

Minimal Progression: Strike A Chord

December 16, 2010

Until 2009’s What We All Come to Need, Decibel has had a long honeymoon with Chicago instru-metallists Pelican.