North’s Triumphant “Earthmind” Will Light the Way

February 1, 2016

Keep your lighters in your pockets; get those candles out!

Decibrity Playlist: North

July 3, 2014

I first read about North via Catherine Yates’ review of What You Were back in 2008, but it wasn’t until I perused our Managing Editor’s writeup of the record in that year’s top 40 that I thankfully got around to listening. Even though it’s been a while since then, once you’ve read last year’s interview…

STREAMING: North “The Great Silence”

August 15, 2012

What would you ask Tucson-based North if you had the chance? Well, our first question would be: why name the band North when you’re from the Southwest? Seems a little geographically confusing. Where’s North from, you ask? The Southwest. Eh?! A more apropos moniker would be, well, Southwest. Then, North’s fans would always know where…