nocturnal poisoning

STREAMING: Nocturnal Poisoning “Doomgrass”

September 9, 2014

As one of the greats of American black metal Xasthur left its mark on the indelible and the hard-won. Sadly, Xasthur, as of 2010, is no more but the legacy of main black Scott Conner carries on in not-so-new project, Nocturnal Poisoning. Certainly a sound to divide fans right down the middle of Xasthur’s “X”,…

Nocturnal Poisoning: Q&A With the Artist Formerly Known as Xasthur

November 29, 2012

In 2010, one-man black metal outfit Xasthur released its final album, Portal of Sorrow. That it would be Xasthur’s swansong was announced in advance by its creator, Scott Conner, who abandoned his longtime alias “Malefic” and used his real name in the credits for the first time in a career that spanned 15 years and…