horror metal

Bad Mojo: Death Curse Premiere!

July 28, 2014

So…here’s one of those times when you actually can go ahead and judge an album by its cover: Friday the 13th obsessives Death Curse play nasty, fuzzy, stripped down death n’ roll and the band isn’t really isn’t inclined to do fuck-all to pretty it up for anyone outside the horror metal cult. We’ve got…

Of Metal & Bäseball

July 16, 2013

Legendary horror metal maven and self-described “semi-retired punk/metal atavist” Stevo of Impetigo/Tombstones fame assures Decibel “baseball scorekeeping is in many respects a totally underground and kVlt activity” and links a “re-kindled passion for baseball to my still-burning passion for metal.” On the eve of the Razorback Records deluxe reissue of Impetigo’s classic 1992 leveler Horror…

Exclusive Stream: Oniricous

March 26, 2013

Razorback Records is calling the upcoming Oniricous album Ritos Diabolicos a “masterpiece of total HORROR FUCKING DEATH!” and in order to back that claim up the label has graciously sent along the track “Astrofobos” for this exclusive Decibel stream. It’s pretty goddamned convincing testimony! Below is a bit more info from the Razorback press materials….