Honor Found in decay

LIVE REVIEW: Neurosis + Godflesh, HMV Forum, London

December 4, 2012

There really is no good reason for anyone to be bummed out about missing out on an ATP weekender when the days following the main event habitually throw up bills as awesome as this. A weekend spent emptying your bank account, taking drugs unknown to the over-30s and known only by weird acronyms, enjoying the…

Neurosis’ Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till preview Honor Found In Decay

August 27, 2012

We’ve only had the pleasure of hearing Neurosis’ forthcoming album, Honor Found in Decay, once. All the lights were out save for two candles and the peak meters on the mixing desk. And while the darkness made for a totally immersive listening experience, it reduced note-taking to scoring crude approximations of words onto the one-sheet,…