Track Premiere: Take a Spin on RIOTOUS INDIGNATION’s “Wheel of Misfortune”

Before you shotgun those beers and chuck those ‘dogs on the grill ahead of the long weekend, we’ve got just one more quick fix of brand new metal for you.

Er, maybe mention of potentially addictive substances and “fix” weren’t the best choices of nomenclature there, as the latest single from Chicago band Riotous Indignation focuses on the rather grim and blunt actuality of heroin addiction. While certainly not the first condemnation you’ve seen in your life, this one is born from a point of particular, well, indignation (yes, pun intended, of course).

Regarding the song, vocalist Mike Repel pulls not a single punch and hits with a fairly direct sentiment, to put it mildly:

The lyrics are brutal because reality is brutal. We need to stop coddling or ignoring everyone with this specific substance abuse problem or we are just going to throw another generation of society over a cliff. However, if these lyrics reach just one person who is about to make a life-changing mistake and stops them from doing so, then I have done my job, and I really don’t care who I piss off in the process.

“Wheel of Misfortune” starts with an acoustic lead-in calling to mind the darker moments of country, before accelerating into a galloping thrash sprint, and hammering into a breakdown to get your fists swinging. Listen (on repeat!) below, and add on your preferred DSP on July 5th.

While the track is a standalone single, further material is in the works, with the band promising to “make some noise about it.” You can keep watch for said audio disruptions at the band’s homepage, Facebook, or Twitter, or check out earlier endeavors, including debut EP The Violentus Musicae, at Apple Music or Spotify.