Track Premiere: Daughter Chaos “Noble Rot”

Daughter Chaos

New York City-based death metallers Daughter Chaos return from pandemic-induced slumber with new track, “Noble Rot,” the first single of the group’s upcoming full-length, Noble Rot. The band features primary songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Sara Abrams, currently of hard rockers Strange News and formerly of Armageddon and The Obsessed, as well as new guitarist Andrew Pevny, currently of Framework (also ex-Armageddon) and drummer Joe Lamanna, currently of Framework. The reconfigured Daughter Chaos enter a new phase of potency on “Noble Rot.” The penchant for melody and guitar heroics paired seamlessly with aggression remains, but there’s a sinister undercurrent flowing through the song’s edifice. Daughter Chaos are darker and deadlier.

Says singer/guitarist Sara Abrams: “‘Noble Rot’ is the first single and title track from our forthcoming full-length album. The song is the musical brainchild of Andrew Pevny, and was mixed and mastered by Mark Lewis. The video was filmed in an old Brooklyn boiler room by our friends Ritual Filmz. The setting provided all the dank dungeon vibes we could ever want.

“The circumstances that inspired the lyrics could scarcely be more different. While working as a farmhand, I discovered a New York Times article about the ethics of engineering SHEEFS (synthetic human entities with embryo-like features) being used as bedding in an incubator. Some time later, I found myself in Manhattan sipping Chateau d’Yquem, learning about the rare fungus that infects grapes and creates a valuable wine. I saw this as a metaphor for the rotting bloodlines of nobility, and envisioned the crossing of the two worlds in a dystopian potential future.”

Step into Daughter Chaos’ wicked sensation that is “Noble Rot!” Enter the decay, experience the future…

** Daughter Chaos’ new album, Noble Rot, is slated for release later in 2024 via Abrams Records. Get “Noble Rot” from Bandcamp HERE before you slowly rot.