Full Album Stream: Hyperdontia – “Harvest of Malevolence”

If you like death metal, you probably like Hyperdontia. The international outfit first came to prominence with their debut album, Nexus of Teeth, released via Dark Descent in 2018, and quickly established a reputation for making vicious, no-frills death metal. Further honing that sound on a handful of smaller releases and second LP Hideous Entity, Hyperdontia then followed it up with a split, EP and live record before working on their third record, Harvest of Malevolence, which you can stream below ahead of its release this weekend.

Once again clocking in at a lean eight tracks, Harvest of Malevolence moves briskly and with force. Hyperdontia have never been a band for things like intros or ambient and interludes and that hasn’t changed. Starting immediately on album opener “Death’s Embrace” and powering straight through closer “Servant to a Cripple God,” Hyperdontia are a riff machine.

“We continue the more dynamic, more aggressive song structure that we started with the Deranged EP with this album,” Hyperdontia explain. “Although it is not a radical change, the general structure of this album is more energetic than the first two albums and allows you to taste something from every era of death metal. Our aim is not to offer anyone something brand new with this album, but to present a good example that we also enjoy playing and listening to.”

 Any more time spent reading is time that you could spend listening to Harvest of Malevolence. If you like what you hear, you can score physical editions via Dark Descent and Me Saco Un Ojo.