Video Premiere: Thrashin’ ‘N’ Ragin’ with Quiescent Mantis’ “Primal Form of Aggression”

You could choose to believe the following about Tennessee thrash trio Quiescent Mantis, or not, but according to part of their bio: “Quiescent Mantis, comprised of former scientists, Chris Trainor, Jordan McKenzie and Johnny Mejia, emerged from an extraordinary origin story. While employed at Sub-Atomic Weight Of Acceleration Research Mechanics (S.W.A.R.M.), the trio inadvertently opened a doorway to the mantis homeworld during a particle collision experiment. Exposed to mind-altering pheromones, they transformed their scientific acumen into musical prowess, resulting in the formation of the band during the COVID-19 lockdown. Their unique blend of old-school and new-school metal techniques, combined with a deep love for science fiction, has set them apart in the metal scene. They are recommended for fans of Orbit Culture, Power Trip, Havok, and Pantera.”

The story may seem more than a little on the far-fetched side, but I’ve heard stranger. And for a hot minute when I was 10-years-old, I totally believed that Cronos, Mantis and Abaddon were their real names and all the shit Venom sang about was real. To deny otherwise would be me only trying to save face 40 years later. Mostly, I’m just happy to hear that someone in Tennessee believes in science of some description.

Anyhow, as we’re a month away from the release of Quiescent Mantis’ debut full-length — Here Comes the Swarm, July 19th on Exitus Stratagem Records — the promo push has begun in the form of a video for lead single, “Primal Form of Aggression.” Loaded with battle vests, beer, baldness and breakdowns, Quiescent Mantis have delivered a highly entertaining four minutes into the conversation. Here’s what the (probably fake) scientist thrashers had to say about the track/video premiering here today:

“‘Primal Form of Aggression’ is the perfect rage song. Heavy from start to finish with super-aggressive lyrics for the days people have been pushing the buttons and been pushing the listener to the limits. This song is about releasing the primal urges of aggression in the mosh pit. The album Here Comes The Swarm is a heavy melodic journey through the realm of the swarm as society gets fed up and starts fighting back against the swarm and higher authorities. From ‘Open the Gates’ to ‘This is the End’  this album is a mix between thrash and hardcore giving a unique blend of aggression and melody gives a unique experience for the listener.”



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