Full Album Stream: Lucifer’s Hammer – ‘Be and Exist’

Chilean ensemble Lucifer’s Hammer have nailed the art of melodic heavy metal on their new album, Be and Exist. Their fourth since Beyond the Omens in 2016, Be and Exist brings rock melodies into the gallop and flair of Lucifer’s Hammer’s brand of heavy metal. The album is officially out Friday, June 14 on Dying Victims Productions, but you can listen early at the stream below.

Lucifer’s Hammer nail the retro sound, both in the songwriting department—pointing to Dokken, Witch Cross, Diamond Head and even Europe as inspirations—and the production one. The unique set of influences makes Lucifer’s Hammer stand out, offering a different take than most of the current trad metal scene.

When asked to talk about the new album, the members of Lucifer’s Hammer said:

“An introspective look into the infinity of sensations, which exist beyond desire and rationality, walking in a confused world in which everything is. BE AND EXIST!”

Listen below; you can find pre-orders on Bandcamp.