Track Premiere: Deathwish – “Aftermath of a Severed World”

Bands like Deathwish are those essential sonic entities that keep several flames burning for all of us: punk, speed metal, and all manner of obnoxious noise. The band displays an obvious fealty to Motörhead while also coming close to the ferocity of bands like Skitsystem, Midnight and Panzerbastard. This impressive Wisconsin outfit will unleash their latest album, The Fourth Horseman, on June 7 via Beer City Records, and Decibel is stoked to present “Aftermath of a Severed World” to you here today.

According bassist and vocalist Bitty: “Well, they put a cord around my neck and a gun to my friends head. I saw the color red and drove 70 miles per hour into a parked truck. I thought barely surviving a attempted homicide might make for a good song!”

God damn!

Well, he’s not wrong! The song kicks off with some arena-sized metal energy before going into an all-out d-beat assault that’s both fun and unhinged. Imagine if Zeke played crust and you’d have a good idea of what this sounds like. Play it. Then play it again, dammit!