Full Album Stream: Morbid Grave – “The Slime Crawlers”

Danish death metal entity Morbid Grave formed in 2021, the brainchild of prolific musician Michael Huhle. Playing a primitive style of death metal concerned mostly with death, slime and bodily fluids, they released debut EP Pandemic Mutations in 2021. After launching those six songs into the world, Huhle began working on The Slime Crawlers, Morbid Grave’s debut album, which was released last week via Horror Pain Gore Death.

The Slime Crawlers is death metal in its purest form in the sense that the album is raw, cavernous death metal with no adulterants. The whole recording has a blown-out kind of quality, putting an emphasis on Huhle’s noisy drumming and reverb-soaked vocals, as well as the songs’ grooves. When a riff does more clearly break through the chaos, it’s raw and chunky, inspired by the likes of Grave and early Obituary. Song titles like “NecroVomit Convulsions” and “Slow Crawling Death” paint clear mental images,  alongside the slimy artwork, giving the whole thing a very late 1980s feeling.

The Slime Crawlers and Pandemic Overdose are now available on one release via Horror Pain Gore Death, streaming below.