Album Stream: Uttertomb – ‘Nebulas of Self-Desecration’

Chilean Doom/Death Metal Band Uttertomb
Chilean Doom/Death Metal Band Uttertomb

Prepare for a harrowing descent into the death metal abyss with Uttertomb as Pulverised Records proudly unveils their debut full-length Nebulas Of Self-Desecration. With a sound as murky as it is menacing, strap in for eight tracks of defilement that beckon vile resonance.

Formed in 2009, Uttertomb has coined their style as “Necrological Death Metal,” drawing influence from bands like Autopsy, Obituary, Grief, and Anatomia. Comprised of members from esteemed acts such as Death Vomit, Violent Scum, and Negative Or Nothing, these Chileans bring a wealth of experience to their infernal sound.

The journey through Nebulas Of Self-Desecration feels subterranean, traversing winding catacombs of unfathomable darkness. Each track is steeped in an aura of anomalous and eldritch overtones that are as haunting as they are hypnotic. It’s a monolith of immeasurable dread, showcasing the depths of Uttertomb’s underworldly prowess.

Recorded across various locations, including DM6 Studio by Pablo Clares and mixed by Claudio Salinas at Maestro 3 Studio, the sonic clarity of Nebulas Of Self-Desecration only enhances its ominous atmosphere. Mastering by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony ensures that every crushing riff and guttural growl is delivered with maximum impact, while cover art crafted by Serbian illustrator Khaos Diktator sets the stage for the nightmares inside.

For Doom/Death Metal putrefaction fans, Nebulas Of Self-Desecration is a must-listen. And, because it’s Wednesday, we’re Decibel, and you’re awesome, you don’t have to wait for new release day. You can hear the entire album premiering right now, right below.