Full Album Stream: Nest – “Endeavors”

John Jarvis’ Nest work quickly. Releasing their first album in 2019, they kept trucking despite Jarvis’ involvement with bands like Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Scowl, releasing three more albums, the latest of which comes out tomorrow. Endeavors is a bleak and abrasive sludge record, one that understands the genre is best at its absolute darkest.

Its 10-track runtime goes by quickly—the longest song on Endeavors is the sub-four-minute “Burn Clean,” which feels like a ballad compared to the rest of the songs’ short lengths. Songs like “Ripe” and opener “Run Ahead” are on the punkier side of sludge, accentuated by energetic drumming, feedback-heavy riffs and Jarvis’ raw vocals. The best songs on Endeavors, though, are the slow ones: “Burn Clean,” “Concept” and “Commiseration” are grating, crawling that suck the life out of the room. Shoved up against the album’s faster songs, Nest pace Endeavors to maximize both speeds and their corresponding negative emotions.

Housecore Records will release Endeavors tomorrow, April 12, but you can dig in below.

NEST – Endeavors Tour
4/10/2024 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
4/11/2024 Bears – Shreveport, LA
4/12/2024 Reno’s Chop Shop – Dallas, TX
4/13/2024 Herb House Dispensary – Enid, OK
4/14/2024 Hoot’s – Amarillo, TX
4/15/2024 Juno – Albuquerque, NM
4/16/2024 The Chaos Emporium – Phoenix, AZ
4/17/2024 Monte Vista – Flagstaff, AZ
4/18/2024 Eagle Hall – Las Vegas, NV
4/19/2024 Shea’s – Reno, NV
4/20/2024 Kickstand – Victorville, CA
4/21/2024 Knuckleheads – Hollywood, CA
4/22/2024 Navajo Live – San Diego, CA
4/23/2024 Music Box – Tucson, AZ
4/24/2024 The Rockhouse – El Paso, TX
4/25/2024 Rabbit Hole – Odessa, TX
4/26/2024 The Compound – Houston, TX
4/27/2024 The Brickyard – Baton Rouge, LA